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Why choose Clinic of Natural Medicine?

Our naturopathic physicians Michelle Niesley, ND, MS, FABNO, Teresa Silliman, ND, and Stacy Dunn, ND, MSOM, FABNO, have a combined over 50 years experience in their fields of integrative medicine, providing you a physician that focuses on your area of concern.

We are uniquely trained physicians with natural medicine infused throughout our formal medical education. Naturopathic physicians receive extensive training in nutrition, homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, and herbal medicine combined with standard training all physicians receive in pharmacology, physiology, clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, and other areas of study.

While medical school provided a foundation for a lifetime of learning, the naturopathic physicians at the Clinic of Natural Medicine have had a variety of professional experiences that have shaped their unique expertise.  Observation of our patients, assessment of their progress, collaboration with our peers, and continual feedback from thousands of patients, results in better care for the next patient. Our clinical expertise saves our patients time, money, and frustration, while providing a plan.

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Ongoing education is essential.

The state of Oregon mandates that each naturopathic doctor complete 30 hours of continuing education (physician level) annually.  Our responsibility to our patients well-being demands even more.  Many of our physicians are speakers at national conferences in the areas of research and oncology. The doctors at the Clinic of Natural Medicine stay up to date on the latest integrative medicine research to provide you with expert care.

We do not have set protocols.

We customize treatment for each patient. It is the only way to provide the best care possible, and cannot be found in any book, website, or other avenue.

We appreciate the trust our patients have in us.  Our goal is to determine what is at the core of the issues that prevent our patients from maintaining optimal health. Our doctors continue to learn more about our patients with each interaction, which helps us to tailor your plan specifically to you.

Meet Our Specialists

Michelle Niesley, ND, MSOM, FABNO

Michelle Niesley, ND, MS, FABNO

Dr. Stacy Dunn, ND, MSOM, FABNO

Dr. Stacy Dunn, ND, MSOM, FABNO

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